Understanding CHARGE syndrome

Course Outline

'Understanding CHARGE syndrome' is a free online course that aims to improve understanding and awareness of CHARGE syndrome. Members of the public will increase their knowledge of CHARGE syndrome and those in the CHARGE Community will be empowered to create and contribute to personalised CHARGE syndrome management plans.

The course is designed for anyone with an interest in CHARGE syndrome including -

  • People living with CHARGE syndrome, their families and carers
  • Medical and nursing professionals
  • Allied health professionals
  • Educational professionals
  • Advocates, service delivery staff, support workers

The course consists of six modules addressing the areas of - 

  1. C-H-A-R-G-E and diagnosis    
  2. The 4Cs in detail    
  3. How CHARGE syndrome impacts communication and sensory integration    
  4. How multi-sensory impairment in CHARGE syndrome affects behaviour and social interaction    
  5. Education    
  6. Adult years and beyond 

Frequently Asked Questions